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Live in our Low-Cost Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms


Rooms are available now with immediate openings. Apply Now. 

Furnished & Unfurnished Rooms (up to 3 people per room)


Each 272 square foot room includes its own private 1/2 bathroom (with sink & toilet), electricity, heat, water, closet with drawers at the bottom, a large window, and lots of natural and artificial lighting. Renters have access to all amenities, including the three community kitchens, 16 private showers, trails, and more. All leases are on a month-to-month basis. All rooms and the entire building are wheelchair accessible. Wi-fi and Direct TV provided in designated areas. 

Unfurnished rooms: $400/month (utilities included)

Furnished rooms: $450/month (utilities included)

Pets welcome. $50 additional pet rent per pet, per month, limit 2

Security deposit: One month's rent

To see more photos of our rooms and community spaces, check out the Gallery

Residents share kitchen, shower, and other community spaces. Everyone is required to clean up after themselves. This helps us create a clean, inviting area for everyone to use. 

We want our residents to feel safe. This is especially important when we share spaces with one another. We run a nationwide credit and background check on every applicant. No violent criminals or sex offenders are allowed. Firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited on the property. To support our residents in recovery, alcohol is prohibited in public spaces. A photo ID and release form are required for everyone entering the property. 

By Wisconsin State Law, no more than three people may occupy a room. Couples and families wishing to live together in a larger space may rent two or more adjoining rooms (which can then be divided up into a living/dining room and bedroom(s)). 

Pet Owners must be responsible for their pets. This includes managing their physical, emotional, and mental needs, and cleaning up after them. If you are considering bring a dog to Bethel, we suggest you read this article first. 

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